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At JF Colley not only do we specialise in handcrafted and custom jewellery, we also offer high-quality professional jewellery repairs and alterations, in order to restore your beloved items back to their very best. 

Specialty Tweezer Repairs

Rings and Necklaces



Chain repairs

Cleaning and Polishing

Rhodium Plating

Replacing settings


Full Overhaul

Strap Replacement

Battery Replacement

Link Removal

General Repairs


Replacement for a wide range of gemstones, all of which are stored in-house.

Available Services.


Hand Engraving carried out to add​ a personal touch to items of jewellery


Valuations for insurance purposes are carried out in-house


Pearl Re-stringing

Our High Quality Jewellery Repair Service.

We pride ourselves on the fact that all our repairs are done in house from our Falkirk workshop. We carry out repair work on all kinds of jewellery from a simple chain repair to a full re-modelling of your precious item. We offer a high quality professional jewellery repair and alteration service, specialising in ring resizing, chain repairs, re- clawing diamond engagement rings, jewellery refurbishment, re-modelling, replacing worn settings, cleaning and polishing, rhodium plating etc.


In our workshop we are also able to supply diamonds and coloured gemstones, to replace chipped broken or lost stones and return your jewellery back to its original condition.

"We pride ourselves on the fact that all our repairs are done in house from our Falkirk workshop"

We offer an insurance estimate service also if you have lost or damaged your jewellery. Valuations for insurance purposes are done in house as well which gives proof of value on your most treasured items. 

Other work we undertake include the following :


- Top quality hand engraving for inside of wedding bands, intertwined initials on a signet ring etc.


- Watch repair service, from full overhauls to simple watch straps and batteries


- Pearl re-stringing

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